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California Coastal Act

California Coastal Act Permitting

The California Coastal Act on 1976 (Public Resources Code Section 30100 et seq.) was enacted to protect California's coastal resources.     The California Coastal Commission is the state agency that was created to implement the Coastal Act.   Most coastal counties and cities have developed Local Coastal Plans are part of their General Plans to administer the Coastal Act locally, minimizing review by the Coastal Commission.

Since the Coastal Act requires the state to protect coastal resources, many proposed development projects in the coastal zone are required to protect sensitive resources that they might not be required to in areas of California not in the coastal zone.   Changes to a Local Coastal Plan, and project appeals, are heard by the Coastal Commission at a public hearing.   Sensitive habitats in the coastal zone are called Environmentally Sensitive Habitat Areas (ESHAs), and impacts to them are prohibited.   However, some impacts to ESHA may occur, but must be mitigated to satisfy Coastal Act regulations.

Visit DMEC's Reports webpage for the projects that involved the Coastal Commission, such as the Odyssey School project in Malibu.

DMEC has the expertise and experience to gather disparate types of data and use them to assist clients with the permitting process before the Coastal Commission, and has earned the trust of Coastal Commission staff.

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