Sand and Gravel Trucks Using SR33

Created 30 May 2007

Last updated: 27 June 2007

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Citizens of Ojai and the Ventucopa area in northeastern Santa Barbara County are very concerned about the potential increased use of SR33 by trucks hauling sand and gravel from existing and proposed sand and gravel mines in the upper Cuyama River valley.   Below are photographs and a video clip of some sand and gravel haul trucks seen on SR33 between Ojai and Ozena.   The first truck is one with its brakes on fire (severely overheated to the point that they do not function and could actually catch on fire), where the driver had to use the emergency runaway truck ramp to stop, on SR33 a few miles south of Maricopa.   The second and third trucks are of gravel trucks who failed to use any of the many pullouts along SR33 between Ozena and Ojai, holding up other vehicles.   The fourth photo is of two gravel trucks traveling together so that if someone was able to pass one, they would just find themselves behind the next slow-moving truck.

Video clip of gravel truck driving unsafely over double-yellow line on blind curve on SR33 between Pine Mountain summit and Ojai, on 22 February 2007
Gravel truck video

General Map of Sand and Gravel Mine Project Sites in the Upper Cuyama Valley
map of mines

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