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Many jurisdictions protect or regulate activities associated with mature trees, and require reports from a Certified Arborist.   For example, Los Angeles County Regional Planning Department and Ventura County Planning Division both have native tree ordinances that require detailed reports in order to obtain a permit to prune or remove certain trees.   These ordinances have been enacted because of the aesthetic, environmental, cultural, and ecological importance trees have to humans, and wildlife.   Mature trees on private property add value to the property, and are considered assets.

Most jurisdictions (cities and counties) have some sort of ordinance governing what can and cannot be done to a tree without a permit.   Often, a report or recommendation by a Certified Arborist is required as part of a permit application in those jurisdictions with tree ordinances.

David Magney is a Certified Arborist (#WA-7674A), certified by the International Society for Arboriculture (ISA).
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DMEC has assessed impacts to trees on both large and small scales.   A large-scale assessment was performed for the Lyons Canyon Ranch development in the Newhall area of Los Angeles County.   For this project, DMEC used data on over 2,000 oak trees gathered by other arborists and developed a detailed and robust GIS database for all the trees on the 400-acre development site, which is described on the DMEC Presentations page.   The oak tree report and maps for the project were first submitted to the City of Santa Clarita, and the City stated that DMEC's report was the best and most detailed report ever submitted.   A copy of the oak tree report can be found on the Lyons Canyon Ranch project webpage under Section H.

DMEC is available to conduct individual and multiple tree assessments for both large and small projects.   DMEC follows ISA assessment methods and standards.

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