Ojai's Cluff Vista Park Pond and Fountain Scenes

Created 29 January 2006

This page last updated 1 February 2006

Plan detail of park arbors Cluff Vista Park has two fountains and associated ponds, which are connected by an ephemeral stream. The fountains symbolize the sun and the moon, respectively, with the pond at the eastern edge of Overlook Circle round in shape, and the lower pool in a crescent or half-moon shape, located at the east end of the park.


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Scenes of Cluff Vista Park Fountains

Fountains and Ponds of Cluff Vista Park

At the center of the park, in Overlook Circle, is a lovely circlular pond, representing the sun. The circle is also symbolic of the circle (and cycles) of life, which was so important to the native people, and all life.

The omphalos pond and stone, serving as the headwaters to the riparian creek, is located in Overlook Circle, in the center of the park. There are springs in the Ojai backcountry where water simply appears out of the rock, not unlike this omphalos stone spring.

omphalos fountain video
Plan detail of park arbors The stream that originates at the omphalos stone above, resurfaces at the Moon Pool, found downstream that the east end of Cluff Vista Park. Here the water flows over a small elegant waterfall into the accepting pool before returning to the earth.

lower fountain video

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