Desert Wildflowers and Landscapes

Before 10 April 2005

The desert regions of California are rich and diverse, and include the western edge of the Basin and Range province, the Mojave Desert, and the Colorado Desert (the northwestern portion of the Sonoran Desert), and Death Valley, on the edge of the Mojave and Basin and Range Deserts.

The Colorado Plateau of south central Utah is a rugged area dominated the geology of the Escalante Grand Staircase, south of Boulder and Escalante, Utah.

The mountains fo the Wasatch Range are located just east of Salt Lake City, in the northeastern portion of Utah, representing one of the high mountain ranges in the Basin and Range Province.   Two montane glacial canyons were botanized during the Botany 2004 conference in July 2004.

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All photos copyrighted by David L. Magney 2003-2005

Dead Mountains, eastern Mojave Desert
Death Valley
Granite Mountains, eastern Mojave Desert
Clipper Mountains, eastern Mojave Desert
Antelope Valley, western Mojave Desert
Escalante Grand Staircase, Utah [coming soon]
Wasatch Range, Utah [coming soon]
Boulder Mountain, Utah

General Map of the California Desert Region

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