Ojai's Cluff Vista Park Arbors

Created 29 January 2006

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Plan detail of park arbors This page focuses on the trellised arbors of Cluff Vista Park. The park has three arbors, two are straight and guide visitors from the northwest and southeast corners of the part to Overlook Circle, and the other is an artist-designed arbor that connects the two other arbors. The artist's arbor is trellised by the native California Wild Grape while the others have Chinese Wisteria. The arbors are made of wooden beams, supported on stone masonary pillars. Ornamental details are found on all parts of the three arbors. See if you can see how many such details.


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Scenes of Cluff Vista Park Arbors

Trellised Arbors

Two arbors guide visitors from the southwest and northwest park entrances to the central pool and fountain. California Wild Grape (Vitis californica) and Chinese Wisteria (one of the few non-natives planted to recognize local tradition) trellis up and over the arbors. A third arbor provides a connection between the two arbors that enter from the two western corners. This third arbor provides the support for the native California Wild Grape vines, which bear grapes during the winter months.

Interesting design details can be found throughout the park, including a variety of tracks of local wildlife, such as raccoon, quail, and coyote.

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